About us

iCutie specialises in selling quality coloured contacts, accessories and beauty products. Our goal is to always provide our customers with high-end products for a fair price.

iCutie was founded in 2015. iCutie focusses on bringing a part of Asian beauty culture to Europe. We are the top seller of coloured contacts in The Netherlands thanks to our save to use and comfortable contacts. Since the start of business iCutie has gained a large following in The Netherlands, the country were we started, allowing us to consider further expansion to https://www.viagrasansordonnancefr.com/ Europe and other countries. 2016 was the year where iCutie was ready for this expansion: we now ship to over 44 countries.

Before our presence as an online store we noticed many people buying uncertified coloured contacts from stores online. This caused some unlucky people to get an infection in their eyes and sometimes – even worse. This moved us to start selling certified coloured contacts that the people using them could trust. We now aim to keep enlarging our offer of products by expanding to beauty products, accessories and more. By doing so we can now provide the people in Europe and other countries with amazing products that are save to use and come at a fair price.